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Synthetic Turf Installation – Why Choose NexGen Lawns?

NexGen Lawns is the committed provider of advanced synthetic grass. Nowadays, many residential and commercial users alike are switching to artificial grass turfs as they offer better benefit and convenience. With multiple uses such as the home lawns, putting greens for golf, dog-friendly turfs, sports stadiums, and children playgrounds, the synthetic turf has feasible demand. NexGen Lawns has utilized the best technology to manufacture top-quality and high-performing turfs to meet this market demand.

Choosing Synthetic Turfs

Over the years, people have developed a preference for artificial turfs. This has two major reasons. These are saving time and money. Regular grass requires regular effort for maintenance. Also, the cost does not justify the investment as the grass will follow the natural process throughout the year. This means that you can indulge in all the required labor to keep the lawn in its best condition, but is still going to lose its lush greenery and dry out in some seasons. Also, rainy weather means you really can’t enjoy the squelching grounds.

Choosing Synthetic Turfs from NexGen Lawns

When you have decided to install synthetic turf, then you should buy from a reputable company. And NexGen Lawns is exactly that. Selling in multiple areas, the company designs turfs suitable for lawns, pets, playing golf, and play areas for kids.
Here is why you should choose NexGen Lawns for buying and installing artificial grass at your home or commercial space:

Guaranteed Quality

NexGen Lawns offers a warranty of 15 years upon purchasing the synthetic turf. Available in both texturized and split-film compositions, the turf is made from strong and durable fibers. It is designed to withstand the wear and tear from the weather as well as how it is used.

Easy Maintenance

One of the biggest problems with regular grass is how hard it is to maintain it. With the synthetic turf from NexGen Lawns, the maintenance efforts are considerably reduced. With no need for mowing, cleaning, watering, fertilizing, you can enjoy it just like you do with your regular lawn.

All Year Round Benefit

The synthetic turf from NexGen Lawns remains clean, fresh, and green throughout the year. Obviously, this is not the case with regular grass. With the artificial turf, you will be able to use just the way you like regardless of what season or weather it is.

Eco-friendly Materials

The fibers of the synthetic turf and the material added such as the infill material and deodorizer are all eco-friendly. There are no toxic elements; in fact, the turf is designed to clear them out. This is why it is also safe for use around humans and animals.



The synthetic turf is designed to be suitable for dogs. It reduces your troubles as you will not have to deal with destruction of the lawn when they dig and scratch. Also, you can finally say goodbye to muddy paws all over the house.
To install the turf and enjoy its benefits, contact NexGen Lawns today.
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