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Artificial Grass by NexGen Lawns – The Best Option for your Lawn

You will hardly find a homeowner who is not fond of having a beautiful lawn with fresh, green grass in their home. People like to focus on their outdoor décor as much as on their indoor décor and lawns make for a vital factor of the former. With a beautiful, well-kept lawn, the value of a home surges quite a few notches high as its curb appeal improves. 
Despite the improvements in brings to the overall look and value of a home, many people tend to decide against the idea of a lawn. This is due to the hassles associated with real grass. It is tough to maintain and can prove to be quite expensive as well. Expenses are incurred due to expensive products such as fertilizers, pesticides etc. Furthermore, grass requires the use of mowers, cutters, shovel, and other gardening equipment as well. Buying such equipment can great disturb your budget. If the grass isn’t maintained properly, the lawn losses its curb appeal. Moreover, outdoor décor is deteriorated instead of getting enhanced.
You can improve the curb appeal of your home without having to incur expenses, exerting extra effort, and spending a lot of time on your lawn. This is possible if you are getting artificial grass installed on the lawn. It generally requires fewer maintenance and cleaning hassles and can last for a relatively longer period of time. 
Among the plethora of companies that offer artificial grass, Houston, you need to select the best one to enjoy the maximum benefits of fake grass. One such company is NexGen Lawns. We pride ourselves in being the most reliable company in Houston. Not only we have become the top preference of the residents of Houston for our best artificial grass but our eagerness to serve our customers with the best products and services.


Benefits of Getting Artificial Grass Houston by NexGen Lawns

Some of the major benefits you will get by our fake grass include:

Complete Value for Money

Our fake grass is considered the best in Houston since it offers complete value for money. It only requires a one-time cost to be paid. There will no more added expenses. Therefore, it proves budget-friendly as compared to real grass.
At NexGen Lawns, we believe in going above and beyond the industry standards. Our main aim is to satisfy our clients with top-notch products and services. Thus, the grass is installed under the supervision of our experienced experts. They pay attention to every minor and major detail when installing the grass. 
Sturdy Turf
A turf with real grass tends to get damaged in case of heavy rains, which makes it quite difficult to maintain. Plenty of gardening tools are required to be used for this purpose. With our fake grass, the best in Houston, you will not face any such issue.  
We manufacture sturdy turf that is designed to last longer. It has a strong base due to which it remains affix to the ground. Even after years of use, it remains solid and sturdy. There is no damage of any sort that will be caused to it. 


Prolonged Lifespan

Another feature that makes our artificial grass, Houston the best choice for your home is its prolonged lifespan. It can resist the regular wear and tear and still retain its original sheen and look. The durability of our best artificial grass, Houston is one of the major advantages it offers. This feature makes it much more budget-friendly as it offers benefits for a long time for only one-time investment.

Exceptional Customer Services

A feature we are extremely proud of is our exceptional customer services. Our customer care representatives are trained to go an extra mile to facilitate our customers. 
People have all sorts of queries and confusions prior to getting artificial turf installed. No matter how many questions you have or if you want information regarding the technical details of the turf, you can contact us without any hesitation. Our customer care representative will be glad to assist you.  

The Best Rates

One of the biggest benefits of our artificial grass, Houston is that you can get it installed by our experts without burning a huge hole in your pockets. This is because we offer our specialized artificial grass at guaranteed lower rates. 
It is to be noted that the rates depend on different factors such as the type of turf installed, the area covered etc. However, you can rely on us for high-quality grass that will last longer at unimaginably low rates.

Drainage Systems

One of the core features that make artificial grass safe for pets, humans, and the environment is its drainage system. Not only it soaks the liquid spills but eliminates the issue of a bad odor coming out from the turf as well. This feature specifically makes it suitable for pets and kids as there is a reduced risk of injury caused by slipping or tripping. This is due to the fact that the turf doesn’t remain wet even after it has rained for its effective drainage system.


At NexGen Lawns, we thrive to provide our customers with enhanced peace of mind. We want them to be assured that the hard-earned money they are spending on buying our best artificial grass, Houston is not going to be wasted. Thus, we offer a 15-year warranty on our turf. In case of any damage to the turf, you can contact us for warranty.

Finance Option

We understand the fact that not many people in Houston are willing to spend a chunk of their income on getting artificial grass installed, particularly those who have budget constraints. For them, we have a viable solution in form of our finance option. This way, they can get the best artificial turf, Houston by NexGen Lawns installed on their lawn without having to worry about its cost. 
If you have any query or want a free cost, you can call us on 1-888-844-0672.
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